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Fabbrica design #4 residency

An exploration of Corsican wool

Located in Corte, Corsica, the Fabbrica Design residency calls every year for application, to work for four months on an underused local material. Fabbrica Design 2018 was about Corsican wool.

We experimented this specific material in order to understand its properties and qualities. Working with traditionnal looms but also with fablab machines (3D printers, lasercut, digital embroidery machine...), we developed four different projects of object as well as children workshops. Each project involves a different expertise (from handicraft to industrial machines), opening the Corsican wool to various production circuits.

Our aim was to re-sensitize people to this strong and unique material, by underscoring its qualities and refreshing Corsican wool’s image.

You can take a look at our project researches here.

photo #5 credit : Anne Meistersheim